Gaming Giant Nexon Taps Polygon for NFT Game MapleStory Universe



Nexon, one of the biggest game publishers in Asia, has announced the creation of a new Web3 game called MapleStory Universe, which is based on its popular 2D role-playing franchise. The game will be launched on a private Supernet on Polygon, an Ethereum scaling network. The Supernet will enable Nexon to have its own “dedicated app chain”, providing more customization options for creators, while insulating decentralized apps (dapps) and games from potential performance issues on the broader public network.

MapleStory Universe is an NFT-centric game, meaning that tokenized assets will play a major role in the game itself and can be traded or transferred via the game’s marketplace. The game will also eventually have its own crypto token. Polygon Labs VP, Global Games and Platform Business Development, Urvit Goel, revealed that Korea has been leading the way from a developer standpoint, with eight out of 10 of the top gaming companies in Korea building something on the blockchain.

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