Users can easily customize their metaverse with Oncyber's AI-powered tool!



Oncyber, a metaverse platform, has introduced an AI-powered tool called Magic Composer to help users personalize their 3D environments. Using OpenAI's ChatGPT 3.5 language model, users can enter any Oncyber metaverse and type a text prompt to create upgrades to their environment without coding skills. The tool enables users to add top NFTs, landscapes, NFT galleries, and more to their metaverse surroundings. Oncyber showcased the feature in a trailer, where typing "Add all artworks by Terrell Jones" created a virtual NFT gallery.

The use of AI in the metaverse sector is in its early stages, but it is already being explored by top Web3 brands. Alethea AI, for instance, launched a dApp called CharacterGPT in January, allowing users to create NFTs using AI tech to generate a fully-interactive character based on a simple text prompt. Oncyber's Magic Composer tool demonstrates how AI tech can contribute to how users interact, create, and play within the metaverse.

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